They are swift & strong-legged. During the 1st Era they were oppressed by the Human empire, during the 2nd they were the oppressors, leading the charges of the deadliest war in history. Feborns resemble a mix of Humans & large cats, with the strong swift legs of the latter, and the upright posture & torso of the former. Their relatively weak upper-body encourages them to strike with their legs or from afar. They are the dominant species in the west, but they might still be spotted in large eastern cities. Their expected life span is the shortest of the core species; 50-70 years.
The strongest, biggest, most resilient species. They are also the most intelligent. The Hardened stand taller and wider than the largest Human or Feborn. So why have they not taken over the world? Well, for one, their size makes them the slowest, least dexterous species. Their large hands and fingers in combination with their homeland’s few resources for complex construction have kept their societies technologically simple, while architecturally magnificent. Those who leave Nala are faced with a world that is not designed with their stature in mind. They reach maturity at the age of 13, they cease aging at 30 and tend to die naturally at the age of ~100.
A human, with antlers, clad in brown furs, standing on one foot, wielding a knife.Humans
With antlers given to them by the Great Stag, the Humans are the very image of adaptability. There are no limits to what a Human might become if they truly wish it. They brought about the first great empire the world has seen, which reigned for five-thousand years. In power, they were brutal conquerors. Humans know their kind & take kindly to familiar faces. In Hei-Towns (a section of a city populated almost entirely by Humans) secrets & rumors travel fast. Access to a place like Hei-Towns can be a great advantage... Their life expectancy is 65-100 years.
This strange species is the smallest of the dominant inhabitants of the Mainland, both in size and in numbers. The Masked are small, half the size of a Human; they wear a bone-white mask with 3 holes in it. This mask is believed to be a part of their face. In any case, a Masked never removes their mask. They are hollow-boned, making them light enough to glide on strong winds. They are a mystery. They are not born, they just... appear. They do not age, they just... are.
Nuks are Masked who have cut off their connection to Zin. They still posses it, but it’s source is different. Instead of the Spirit World, their Zin comes from the Everstorms raging to the east & west of the Mainland. The Nuk focus on the physical world; practicality & purpose define these tribal people. They are stronger than their Masked counterparts. Their masks are deformed, decorated with horns, cracks, & asymmetrical shapes. A Nuk, like a Masked, does not age. When ‘time comes’ the Nuks take off in a one-Nuk boat and sail into the everstorm.
It is said that the Suits were once assumed to be regular forest-slugs. These large slimy creatures showed no sign of complex communication. However, when studied in the 2nd Era, it was discovered (who knows by whom) that they can learn to speak. They were experimented upon, and poured into suits of armor when their capacity for fine motor skills was discovered. As long as they stay in their hardy suits of armor, they are fierce warriors. Originating in Lunas, they became a wandering species, traveling solo or with a group of non-suits.
Tower Dwellers
Physically weaker due to their hollow bones, Tower-Dwellers more than make up for it with their dexterity and gift of flight, something no other species can claim. They are known for their dedicated work ethics and efficiency. Having no arms, they use the ends of their wings like hands for basic tasks. However, for complex contraptions, they use their talons. They are expected to pick a profession at the age of fifteen, their age of maturity. They live for roughtly 50-75 years.